CustomizzazioneHedgeHog StompBoxes
Store: HedgeHog StompBoxes

Grafica e/o nome customizzabile

€ 10.00

Regenerator BufferSlow Hand Custom
Store: Slow Hand Custom

YOU CAN PUT ANYWHERE !!! And ' the trump card of the

€ 69.00

Volume Pedal Mod Slow Hand Custom
Store: Slow Hand Custom

Stop with volume drop! Stop with tone cut !

€ 69.00

Store: CostaLab

The ultimate solution for signal losses and impedance matching

€ 85.00

The BuffVinteck
Store: Vinteck

Line Buffer. 

€ 95.00

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Store: EnglishEffects

The indispensable element for any guitarist, it summarizes in one simple pedal

€ 100.00

Buff 'n Boost 2015Vinteck
Store: Vinteck

Buff'N Boost is a signal booster, 26 dB of max gain, (up

€ 104.00

Wha Wha mod Slow Hand Custom
Store: Slow Hand Custom

Turn your wah pedal in a most versatile and customizable super wah

€ 109.00

Noise GateSlow Hand Custom
Store: Slow Hand Custom

Do you want to solve all your noise problems ? You want

€ 129.00

Magic 4 looper modular Switcher bufferedSlow Hand Custom
Store: Slow Hand Custom

Modular 4 loop switcher with Tuner Out, the tip tap solution

€ 129.00

Booster PlusCostaLab
Store: CostaLab

+26 DB of gain, attenuation, impedance matching and signal loss restoration

€ 145.00

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Kemper Head Flight CaseMarchetti Custom Devices
Store: Marchetti Custom Devices

Flight case Head Amp / No Amp con spazio per ear in

€ 210.00

€ 195.00

Store: Music Works

Nuvibe Il leggendario effetto di modulazione rinasce dopo più

€ 379.00