Vinteck PATCH BOX 4X4M

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Switching, midi controllers and accessories for pedalboards. Custom pedalboards for guitar and bass guitar.

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Patch box 4M e 4x4M allowed the complete wiring of a pedalboard in one point

Patch box 4M e 4x4M allowed the complete wiring of a pedalboard in one point.

4x4M model plus gor same connection plus 4 jack for cennection for cableof amps channle change device.

Perfect match with pedalboards V-5, V-8. V-10 as well as previous models V-UNO, TB10MKII, TB10LT, TB5+

In AUDIO section ther is an automatic switch  with MUTE funcion when guitar in cable is removed and ther is automatic bypass between  AMP IN and AMP SEND in caso of need of direct connection to front amp in, directly, and AMP RETUR became main output automatically.

Heavy dute made, powder painting.

Patch box 4x4M technical data:

  • Guitar input
  • amplifier mail input
  • Amp send
  • Amp return
  • MIDI true
  • MUTE funtion on guitar input
  • AUtomatic bypass between AMP IN  and AMP SEND
  • MIDI true
  • Lower row
  • nr. 4 jack true for amp channel change
  • dimensions 110 x 54 mm, 54 mm high




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