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BRBS Amplification

Guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, effect pedals and electronic systems, all strictly hand-built with the best components and the best technology, carefully listening to the real needs of the musician. Great passion, expertise and field experience set us apart, our motto is: Built by musicians for musicians!

BRBS Amplification
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High gain distortion pedal with the feel and dynamics of a real tube amp

The True Lead is an hi-gain " boutique " distortion pedal dedicated to the most demanding soloist, an exclusive original design by BRBS hand built with high quality components .

The tone is real and present, with a real tube amp feel, versatile and extremely easy to manage thanks to simple and effective controls.

Brighter at low gain levels, and progressively more full and compressed at high gain levels, True Lead gives quality sounds with every setting.

The Tone Control , which regulates the balance between highs and low-mids, and the switch Smooth / Bright give True Lead endless sound possibilities, to suit the needs and tastes of the guitarist who uses it and the amplifier with which it combines.

The switch acts on the internal circuitry by varying the way in which the distortion is generated : in Smooth mode you can get "liquid" and hot sounds, or also refined tones, ideal for the fusion; in Bright mode the sound is brighter and edgier, suitable for rhythm parts.

BRBS True Lead - Technical Specifications

   Controls : Gain , Volume , Tone , Switch Normal / Bright

   Power supply: 9V DC ( center negative )

   Maximum current drawing : 7mA

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