CostaLab Sweeping Patch Cable 15cm

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CostaLab guitar and bass pedal effects, power supplies, cables and routing switchers

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The quality of sweeping cable for best short connection.

The CostaLab Sweeping Patch cable is the perfect link for connections between devices of any multi pedal  system.

The high quality of the Sweeping series connections is guaranteed without any compromise.

Some of the benefits are full harmonics and frequency reproduction with clear mids, bass, and crystal clear high frequencies.

Thanks to its very high quality components and the materials used, the signal loss was reduced to a minimal.  This gives you increased output level in all of the frequencies spectrum as well as the overall volume output.  

Special connectors were used with angled Jack and very low profile.

This saves a great deal of space in the pedalboards. This  allowing you to place pedals between them as with no one other type of connector. 

For superior connectivity, all the solder connections are made with alloy composed of 2% of silver. 

The robust construction materials guarantee reliability and durability of the cables. Each cable is encased in a special braided cotton casing keeping the core protected and at the same time making it very flexible. The connectors are protected by a sheath shrink of different color, depending on the length of the cable. This protection provides additional durability.

CostaLab Sweeping Patch cables can be used with confidence whether in studio or on stage.

Technical features


Total length available: 15cm, 20 cm; 30cm, 40cm

Connectors: 90° Angled with a very low profile

Conductor: Bare copper strand 0.12mm each

Cross Section: 2,7mm

Shielding: copper 3,3mm diameter

Internal Insulation: PE

External Insulation: PVC

External Protection: Cotton sheath

Overall Diameter: 7 mm

Minimum Bending Radius: 38mm

Working Temperature: -20°C/+60°C


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The quality of sweeping cable for best short connection.

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