CostaLab Moon Drive

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CostaLab guitar and bass pedal effects, power supplies, cables and routing switchers

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The germanium Muff most original and expressive

The CostaLab Moon Drive is inspired to the most classic distortion pedal, the Big Muff. Its circuit is based on the four gain stages, two of which house the clipping circuits, which is its greatest strength. Made with germanium diodes, they offer a very personal tone, smooth and with a huge amount of harmonics. 

The tone control is of the type DTC that is Dynamic Tone Control. It works by interacting with the gain control: when you are using distortion at an high level, the sound is rich and open, so the tone should be dosed accordingly; on the contrary, with only a bit of gain, the sound is more closed and less harmonious, opening the tone compensates for this natural feature. The CostaLab Moon Drive is equipped with a Class A buffer is always active, characterized by a very high input impedance.

This makes it possible to save every detail of the sound, giving definition and room between the notes, moreover, it can easily reject radio interference. In addition, the CostaLab Moon Drive is equipped with a system against ground loop, however, in order to get the system fully operating, you need to power the pedal with a specific power supply is not connected to other pedals (Boss PSA type or equivalent) or with a power supply equipped with galvanic isolation outputs. The switching on circuit is made with a solid mechanical switch equipped with an anti-pop system. In every case, the CostaLab Moon Drive can pefectly work even with the shared power supply with other pedals. 

The CostaLab Moon Drive is equipped with a mechanical switching system  "Bufferd" with buffer always active, equipped with anti-pop filter.

The unit is powered by 9 DC volts and is connected by the classic DC 2.1 mm plug with negative pole-center. The current draw is less than 20 mA. The unit can also operate with a 9-volt battery. In this case the circuit is on by the input jack.

In order to save the battery life it is recommended to remove the input jack from the socket when you stop using it. You can still keep the battery inside the pedal even when it is powered through the DC socket, for the external power supply system is able to automatically rule out the battery.

The unit is 118x93,4x34mm not counting the knob and the jacks. 

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