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Blues Power 120

The blues is one of the most important genres in the history of western music.  A distant ancestor of rock, pop and even metal, it is still enjoyed by guitar players the world over thanks to its soulful solo styles, haunting vocal lines and catchy rhythms.
With the Blues Power series, available in both 60 and 120 watt versions, you have an amp that is specially designed to stay clean and punchy at higher volumes, as well as to offer a variety of clean tones for different styles of playing.  With a perfect, natural tube sound that reflects the raw beauty of the genre, the Blues Power has two different modes; ‘normal’ and ‘bright’.  In ‘normal’ mode, the amp is strong and balanced, with some great harmonics for bluesy rhythm.  Switch to ‘bright’ and the higher end of the tonal spectrum really comes to life.  Every note is clear, distinct and rich with natural harmonics that can really make the guitar sing.
The Blues Power also features a buffered send and return effects loop, for greatly increased control over the way that the amp interacts with an effects rig or recording device.


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