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HedgeHog StompBoxes

Pedali artigianali per chitarra e basso, costruiti a mano con cura per i dettagli e componenti di alta qualit

HedgeHog StompBoxes
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Rat-like Distortion/Fuzz

The Raven is a guitar and bass distortion/fuzz which emulates the Rat tones, with many features that increase its versatility.




Level: as an amp Master Volume, it controls the output Volume.


Distortion: controls the amount of saturation, from a slight crunch to a high gain distortion full of harmonics but still defined.


Filter: controls the tone, bassy at maximum, sharp at minimum.


Cutoff toggle switch: controls the low frequency cutoff.

Bass: more low frequencies and more amount of saturation. Useful when used with a bass;

Bright: less low frequencies and brighter tone, useful to enhance the pick attack in low distortion settings.


Clip toggle switch: to select among three type of saturation.

Sharp: defined and sharpy, with more compression and saturation and less output volume;

C-B: Crunchy Boost, less compression and saturation and more output volume;

Gritty: It is midway between the first two, with good output volume, compression and saturation.


Power requirements: 9V DC only.

Current draw: ~10 mA

Dimensions: 93 x 40 x 27mm

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