Liuteria Sanremo Violin

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Liuteria Sanremo - M. Liutaio Fabrizio Ragazzi

Fabrizio Ragazzi started his career as a violinmaker in 1999. He draws inspiration from two famous violinmakers from Ferrara

Liuteria Sanremo - M. Liutaio Fabrizio Ragazzi
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Violin by Fabrizio Ragazzi violin Maker, 2015

The violin made by M. Luthier Fabrizio Ragazzi in 2015, the model is inspired by Stradivari, the FF are personal. The one back is maple from the Balkans and the table is to local spruce, the mixed oil varnish is of a good orange/ brown very transparent. The sound is warm and deep and easy to play and with good power for a new instrument, the length of the body is 35.6 cm.

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