Kor Pedals Andromeda

Turns a single-channel amplifier into a 3 independent channels.

Turns a single-channel amplifier into a 3 independent channels.

ANDROMEDA has in fact two independent channels plus a volume booster always activated. In common we have the tone control Treble, Bass and Voice.

The Voice is basically a boost on medium-high frequencies adjustable allowing you to control the sound to go from warm and soft sounds at very aggressive sounds.

A further control allows you to select two different overall gain settings called low-gain and high-gain.

The 1st Channel called DRIVE is a crunch of a beauty and unparalleled dynamic, set in low-gain Overdrive creates a soft, velvety set to high-gain it turns into an aggressive Crunch in perfect British style.

The 2nd Channel called OVERDRIVE is the perfection of the distorted sounds. Sustain, dynamic and blow, and when set to high-gain, from your guitar will come out beautiful harmonics with a very aggressive sound but still very musical.

The 3rd is a Clean channel with Volume Booster Loop always activated effects even when switched off the pedal that lifts your sound up to + 18dB to get out more during your solo!

Finally an additional Cabinet Simulator output in order to play directly into the mixer or audio equipment in case there was not available your favorite amp.

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