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Multi-overdrive with endless sonic possibilities

Versatile overdrive with endless sound possibilities. Interaction of the five controls allows the guitarist find yours overdriven sound. It’s the secret weapon for anyone who needs a pedal that is optimal in various occasions and genres. Besides the classic three controls of Volume / Gain / Tone, MM also has an innovative control called XBASS: not a simple control of the low frequencies that any active or passive tone could offer, but it’s a control on the low frequency crossovers entering the stage distortion. Thanks to it, at any gain step you can have a full clarity distorted sound. Imagine to have a totally analog pedal that can produce very light saturation without bass in Tube Screamer® style up to powerful Tube Driver®/Fuzz overdrive style. Imagination is not needed, Misty Monkey really exists!


VOLUME: output volume control.
GAIN: gain control.
TONE: passive tone control.
XBASS: control of low frequency crossovers stage distortion.
FEEL: three position switch that gives three different levels of compression. CENTER = OFF, DOWN = LOW COMP, COMP = UP HIGH
REMOTE: latching Tip-Sleeve contact for remote bypass.

Power: ONLY 9VDC / 50mA

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