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FX Case

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FX Case
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The exclusive and unique design of my pedals, is not only

After the great success of TrueCase Programmable , I immediately began to gather views and opinions of my clients and Endorser , on possible improvements and updates cha I could make on future models.
After one year, I finished off this new and innovative project and I have created a new model that you can see below!
it's called TCP 2.0 , the acronym TrueCase Programmable 2.0.
The exclusive and unique design of my pedals, is not only "nice" to see, but is also functional and intuitive. I personally thought about and studied all the innovations on the product in order to be usable by anyone without many manuals to study!
Very proud I go a couple of "found" that I thought and installed on TCP 2.0 models and also on LOOPER 2.0.
A it is the "switchless" feature, the patented system to eliminate any type of switching noise (more info further down the page)
the other, is the REVERSE function. Another system UNIQUE AND NEVER SEEN on pedalboard or LOOPER, with which we can reverse command to the position of some of the pedals in our chain! (more info further down the page)

I invite you to read all the specs because they are really many and all very useful!
The new model will have:

  • control change
  • Program Change
  • expression pedal input
  • Tap tempo midi.

Through these connections we can check and change devices with midi connections and, in real time to match them to the pedals presets already created previously. Also via the MIDI IN port, we can recall the Perset the pedal remotely!
- There will be the possibility to control up to 16 loops of the pedals (the maximum expansion)
- 4-channel amps, the smaller version will start from the classic 8 loop + 4 amp channels or switch on / off
- The display will be on lED matrix with generous size (9 × 3.5 cm) for better vision and greater brightness
- Function REVERSE! I very thought of this idea, which inverts the position of some of the loop as if we changed location to the pedals. This is to have before one or the other pedal, and then, make the most of the sound characteristics. The pedalboard will give the possibility to enable or disable the reversal of certain loop, the LEDs of buttons notify reversal flashing instead of being fixed, as in traditional loop. This is a feature that I have designed and tested person such!
- Another useful feature you can choose to have, which I called "switchless ®", will allow the exchange between the various presets without any switching noise. The noises, or POP, occur because the relays, have a metal exchange that is opened and closed, and in some cases, generally with very high gain, you may hear a "click" SMSP. This feature will allow a silent ultra switching! Patented and guaranteed!
- The external appearance, will be slightly different from previous versions, which will make everything much more "R'N'R", the external structure, will be completely anodized aluminum BLACK!
- I have not missed even the possibility to expand, at a later time, the number of loops. In fact, buying a 'specially designed expansion, we will be able to add 4 loops to the existing ones, through a pedalboard side cable. The loop will then be controlled and stored as all other existing. A post soon more info also on this accessory


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