FX Case Looper 2.0 + Reverse

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FX Case

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Looper 8 channels for the control pedals

A loop from 8 channels (for now) with the possibility of expanding up to 12 , complete with midi functions and REVERSE function.
Well it was a long time that I thought about it, and could not miss the call of a product genere.Ovviamente this is not a looper like many on the market, in fact, it has many functions (some extras) in common with TCP 2.0: Reverse function, Switchless® and midi functions. * some details of the product may change.

  1. 8 storable loops true bypass
  2. 4 switches for controlling amp channels
  3. 10 benches for 8 storable presets, for a total of 80 recordings
  4. large LED matrix display with 4 digits and 3 different colors for the various modes (RED, GREEN, AMBER)
  5. excludable input signal buffers
  6. midi connections IN-OUT-Thrue
  7. program change
  8. control change
  9. Expression pedal input
  10. TAP tempo sync midi and also via jack pedals do not come with midi.
  11. Split between the loop 4 and loop 5 to insert a volume pedal, or to send to the S / R all modulations
  12. Loops 8 with possibility to be used in stereo
  13. Input for the addition of a special expansion from 4 loops, for any additional effects
  14. On request switchless system *
  15. On demand reversal of channels 1-2, 5-6 also called REVERSE **
  16. external box aluminum black size 55 x 17 x 7 cm
  17. Weight approx 3.5kg

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