CDrum RC13-65NS

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C Drum uses craft techniques to manufacture solid wooden stave drums for the creation of high quality drum kits.

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Cherry-wood snare drum. Sizes 13" x 6,5".

Finger-joint solid cherry-wood stave snare drum. Drum is turned externally and grinded internally so that it is perfectly cylindrical, drum thickness 9 mm. Sizes 13" x 6,5". Brushed clear finish. Chrome plated steel triple-flanged hoops and high-strength light-alloy lugs, anodized gold. The instrument is new and was only used as exhibition goods and for photo shoots. It is offered with 30% discount from list price which is € 879,00.



Walnut snare drum. Sizes 14" x 5".

€ 904.00


Wenge snare drum. Sizes 14" x 5,5".

€ 977.00


Maple snare drum. Sizes 14" x 5,5".

€ 678.00