Sales Conditions

Sales Conditions short description

The website Web4Music (hereinafter W4M) is a trademark of the Web Agency Paolo Catuogno with registered office in Via Metauro, 6-47924 Rimini - Italy VAT 03904230400.

W4M is an advertising portal that does not engage in financial intermediation between buyers and sellers. The sole purpose of W4M is to meet the demand of users on the music and the offer of Italian and international companies.

In W4M portal they are not allowed private sellers but only companies, we endeavor to select the vendors between national and international excellence to ensure buyers to users to find quality products and companies that can offer a professional service.

The independently dealers are selling their products running at 100% every feature, from the name to the description, photos, videos, pricing and shipping conditions (courier, shipping price). The companies provide the proper updating of information, rates and availability in stock.

The orders

Users (registered or unregistered) operate between the various products on the website W4M and add to cart the products. Each product has clearly described the producer and seller of the product and the brand that in the case of retailers may be different from the previous one.

Once you place the objects in the cart to checkout, the user must register in accordance with the Privacy Policy on the site leaving his data being sent to / sellers.

The portal W4M is a multi-vendor, therefore you can order at the same time from multiple vendors.

Payment is made (and broken down in the case of more sellers) automatically and immediately without any intermediary directed to the various vendors. The W4M portal does not handle any financial transaction, it puts only contact the seller, and users therefore no RESPONSIBILITY for the transaction assumes.

Each seller (in the case of a purchase of several objects related to different vendors) receives a notification email, the detailed order and direct payment via PayPal secure portal where you use directly a Paypal account or credit card . If paying by bank transfer the user will carry out the transfer to the sellers and give them notice.

The seller once received the payment will send the goods to you, therefore, the transaction is a direct transaction between user and vendor.

W4M not responsible for any damages or lost profits caused by vendors to users or vice versa, so as in all negotiations between user and seller please both sides to professionally manage the sale.

W4M reserves the right to modify and / or discontinue the service without prior notice or terminate accounts of users and vendors who do not respect the rules or do not behave in a professional manner.


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