LAA Custom PR30

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LAA Custom

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LAA Custom
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Lightness, portability and great sound from this small head with two separate channels, serial loop fx and reverb.

Lightness, portability and great sound from this small head with two separate channels, serial loop fx and reverb. With its Clean, it can take you from brilliant cleans to mid-gain crunch, and all places in-between. The Crunch Channel cover all the classic blues-rock and, with his footswitchable boost, high-gains tones are avaiable.
Spring reverbs is useful for open the sound. Through the loop-fx serial interfacing with external modulations, delays are possible, keeping the sound unchanged.


  • Technology: Tube signal path, discrete Reverb driver and Fx Loop;
  • Channels: Clean, Crunch, Crunch + Boost;
  • Wattage: 35W RMS
  • Controls: Gain x2, Volume x2, separate Eq (treble, Mid, Bass) for each channel Master Volume, Reverb level (on the back);
  • Valves: Clean Ch 1x ECC83; Crunch Ch 2x ECC83; Phase Inverter 1x ECC83; Power Amp 4x EL84;
  • Footswitch: Yes, two button for Ch select and Crunch Boost Activation;
  • Dimension (LxDxH): 49,5 x 23,5 x 23,5 cm;
  • Weights: 11Kg;
  • Colors avaiable: Black, White, Red, Green;
  • Grillcloth avaiable: Black, Salt&Peppers, Cane;

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