Taurus Taurus Vandall 500 bass head

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NordSound, a small finnish company importing and distributing guitars, basses, amps and related accessories.

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Taurus Vandall-500, 500W RMS - class-D + SMPS. Meet the monster among bass amplifiers!

Taurus Vandall-500 is a 500W/RMS bass head with a double input, including both solid state and tube pre-amps.The solid state pre-amp ensures great dynamic while the tube pre-amp provides a warm, soft sound. Both pre-amps can be steplessly mixed to offer the whole spectrum of desired sounds, from crisp and clear to slightly over driven tube.


Light, powerful and adaptive

The Taurus Vandall-500 is powered by outstandingly efficient high energy (SMPS) Switching Mode Power Supply which ensures extremely high dynamics and power in a light weight and compact amp dimensions.

This amplifier fits perfectly with guitar equipment from every well-known brands like Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, Jackson, Musicman, ElectroHarmonics, TCElectronics. Boss and Dunlop.

We want you to feel free with your style, so you won't be limited only to hard metal kind of music. Jazz, Reggae, Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop, Vandall adapts to your needs.


Take a wheel and keep full control with MLO

MLO (Mid Level Optimization) is an unique equalizer for bass guitar designed by Taurus Amp.

This System provides all-new possibilities. It ensures the most accurate proportion of medium frequencies in accordance with your manual settings of bass and trebles. This very intuitive and logical system supports a musician's choice for the most desirable sound. In addition, the MLO equalizer ensures virtually no change in overall volume while changing the bass frequencies. Unlike most amps, when adjusting bass frequency, the musician notices a change in the sound not the volume.

To sum up, the equalisation in the MLO keeps you within the correct range, at the same time allowing you to use the maximum potential of equalization of the bass sound. This is a big advantage compared to a classic solution, where you need to watch certain frequencies carefully to avoid overloading the speakers.


Technical Details

  • Power output - two modes: 500W for 4ohm, 300Wfor 8 ohm,
  • 2 preamps - Tube and Transistors,
  • Master Tube Design - our new technology that allows to create powerfull amplifiers in compact shape,
  • Two inputs - passive & active,
  • Effect Loop - for additional pedal effects,
  • Protections - short circuit, thermal overload, power overload,


  • GAIN control ,
  • CHARACTER control - fluent signal adjustment of the input between two sections of the amplifier - SOLID-STATE and TUBE,
  • VOLUME control,

Tone Info

  • BASS & TREBLE - equalizer with "MLO system",
  • Triple BASS-switch - to reduce or boost low frequency [DBS-cut/OFF/DBS boost],
  • Triple TREBLE-switch - to reduce or boost high frequency [CUT/OFF/PRESENCE],
  • MIDDLE with PARAMETRIC EQUALIZER - for precise control of middle range (250Hz-1,5kHz +/-12dB)

Other Features

  • MUTE button,
  • CLIP power amp indicator,
  • LINE-OUT - (XLR balanced) LINE output with signal level adjustment, PRE/POST switch and GROUND LIFT circuit switch,
  • TUNER output,
  • SPEAKERS - Combo / Jack,
  • Dimensions - 66 / 190 / 265 mm (1.97/2.60/4.33 in),
  • Weight - 2.3kg,

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