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Analog Man makes the finest guitar compressor pedals including the 3 Knob Small Comprossor with added Attack Knob. This is based on the ROSS compressor but with several improvements we have made over the years, including an external ATTACK control knob. - See more at:

Smaller version of the Analog Man compROSSor, based on the old Dynacomp and Ross compressors, upgraded with improved output, not out-of-phase, and added attack and mix controls.

REV5 with MIX control available in February, 2016!

Link here for all about our CompROSSor Pedals:

Features: Small COMPROSSOR
Ross specs with hand tested, selected transistors and NOS CA3080E chip.
Optional external ATTACK knob
MIX control on REV5, either as a trimpot on the board or external knob. Mixes dry with compressed sound.
True Bypass with 3PDT switch
LED with metal bezel
Power jack standard, no extra charge. You can plug a Boss style 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel 9V DC adaptor into this jack. Also comes with a battery inside.
Tuned for full low-end, excellent on bass, especially with mix!
UK made RE'AN jacks for best noise isolation and operation. They are more expensive than the metal Mexican Switchcraft jacks that others use, but the benefits outweigh the cost.
Expensive high quality Matsushita/Panasonic capacitors.
Easily repaired if damaged- no custom parts like a mass-produced pedal. No robots!
Built in a grey hammer-finish powdercoated box (2.5" x 4.75" x 1.5" not including jacks, switch, etc) with hand stamped graphics.
The small comp is best to use with a power supply as opening and closing the case may put some stress on wiring. If you intend to change the battery often, I recommend the large comprossor instead.

Rev4 circuit

In April, 2013 we really improved the COMPROSSOR circuit. Mike had been playing in a band for a few years, and noticed that SOME pedals on his board would not drive a load well, they would get dark and dull, due to a bad (high) output impedance. This is easily tested by running pedals into something like a low impedance volume pedal, with a switchable buffer between them. The ARDX20 with the delay level down is excellent for testing - when ON it's a great buffer, when OFF it's true bypassed. To test a pedal, simply turn the buffer on and off and listen for a change in tone. With most pedals, like our Chorus, Juicer, etc, there is no difference - they can drive the signal to your amp through long cables or volume pedals no problem. But the Comprossor sounded dull when the buffer was removed. The original Ross, Dynacomp, and all the other Ross clones do the same exact thing- they really need a buffer after them to sound good.

Also these pedals don't have a very loud output, especially when you hit them hard, for example with humbuckers or a boosted signal. One other problem all these pedals have is phase reversal - they flip the phase of your signal when you turn them ON. This may not be a problem for most people, but if you split your signal and combine it, or run into two amps, the out of phase signals will cancel and you will get a VERY thin sound. Also, for use as a clean boost, there was too much compression even with the SUSTAIN pot all the way down. So we reduced the minimum compression amount, without changing the maximum amount. Now the pedal is more usable as a clean boost, and also sounds great left on all the time as a tone sweetener/buffer. It's great stacked into dirt pedals, chorus, vibes, etc now. With these problems fixed, there is no need for a blend knob, you should be able to keep your pure tone without the need for additional circuitry. One other thing we improved was the LED circuitry. Now, if one side of the bicomp/mini bicomp is ON, and you turn the other side ON, the first LED does not get dimmer. A small change but something that bothered us. The REV4 boards are usually blue as seen in this picture of the BICOMP.

All of these problems are fixed in the REV4 circuit -

Excellent output impedance for a clearer tone with no signal loss or need for a buffer
More available output for boosting your amp
No phase reversal
Less compression available
Rev5 circuit

This is pretty much the same as REV4 with the addition of a MIX control, which can go from full dry (no compression) to full wet (same as REV4). Mixing in dry gives you the attack of the note, which is compressed away normally, if you want to hear that. When set at full dry, the pedal becomes a clean boost/buffer pedal and makes pedals after it sound really great, with more presence. Mix is available as a trimpot on the circuit board of the REV5 small comprossor, or as an external knob.

Bicomp REV4
Ryck toggle option

The Dynacomp and Ross circuit is not very bright, to keep white noise down. But sometimes it's nice to have a bright trebly tone, as heard on Rickenbacker guitar's built-in compressor. Looking at the Rickenbacker schematic, it's about the same as the Dyna/Ross except it allows more treble for that jingle-jangle sound. We decided to offer this with a three-way switch so you can get just the amount of treble you want. One position is the normal Dynacomp/Ross value for about the same tone as when the pedal is OFF, and low noise. The second position adds a bit more treble and just a touch of noise - this may be great to use all the time with a darker guitar like a Les Paul. The third position is twice as bright, close to the Rickenbacker setting, for a sound that really pops, with a bit of noise that you probably won't even notice. We can put this toggle on any of our new CompROSSor or Dynacomp pedals when ordered, or we can add it later on which costs a bit more as it's more work to add it after the pedal is built.

Here is a good article on the REV4 comp from Tone Quest Report : Tone Quest 2013 article

We also offer the USA 12V power supply for a little more headroom, good if you run a hot signal into the comp.

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