AnalogMan Beano Boost

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Based on the 1960s British Dallas Rangemaster, which was best at the time to give a treble and gain boost to the dark British amps.

This is the Analog Man Beano Boost, a simple looking yet effective pedal. This pedal is based on the 1960s British Dallas Rangemaster, which was best at the time to give a treble and gain boost to the dark British amps. This allowed them to get a sound more in tune with the time, as guitars were starting to become a loud, bold, lead instrument. This pedal is a type of BOOSTER, not really a distortion pedal nor a clean boost- it does modify your sound quite a bit. It excites certain frequencies and pushes your amp to allow it to create rich tube distortion. The pedal colors your tone, with a crunchy overdrive, boosting certain frequencies, and warming the tone with NOS germanium transistors. It does not have a lot of compression and sustain like most OD pedals, but a more raw, open sound. This pedal has three tone settings from the tone switch- Center is a treble boost, the same as the original Dallas Rangemaster. UP is a fuller-frequency mid range boost (MID setting). Down is a LOW range, also quite a full frequency sound. Optionally we can install a push/pull switch (built into the volume knob) for 2 tone selections (treble and mids) but this option is not as good so we rarely build them. The Beano Boost is spectacular into an amp that is already cranked up pretty well. It will also work well into a clean amp, but you probably need to turn the volume on the pedal up, to make the tone thicker by hitting the amp harder and making it work more. At 9:00 the Beano Boost is unity gain and may not sound very special into a clean amp. At 12:00 it starts to boost the volume and get thicker. At 3:00 it should be waking your tubes up like a passing jet plane. So if you use a clean amp, it's not something you can just turn on and get a great sound at the same volume. However most of the time when you want more crunch you want more volume, so it may work out fine. The clips on my site are into a clean fender amp.   ORIGINAL STYLE WIRING, NO CIRCUIT BOARD Ours is also the only clone that I know of that is built with the original style point-to-point wiring rather than on a circuit board. It takes a lot longer to build them this way, and much more skill from the builder. Our circuit is seen below: Most people who build things this way are making very expensive boutique amps, and they will tell you that hand wiring this way will sound MUCH better than the other guys who use circuit boards. We won't be that boastful, a good circuit board can sound good, but point to point wiring like our Beano Boost cannot be beat. It seems to be QUIETER too for some reason. We started using the large Orange Drop capacitors in 2012, they are huge but fit ok and sound very similar to the original large caps used on the Rangemaster. The Rangemaster type pedals are not only for blues or classic rock. George Lynch used one, and said this in an interview: The European version of the first record which is out of print, has the sound. When I played on that record, all it was was an old Marshall head, an old Super 100 Marshall cabinet with a cane front, and a Rangemaster Treble Booster which Ritchie Blackmore uses. They don't make it anymore. That's how I recorded that record, and it's actually the best tone I've ever had. Terrible-sounding record- it's a horrible mix, and the vocals are too loud, but the original tone on the first record is really cool.  The American version is not as good. They remixed it and added some bits. After doing six records, that was the best tone I ever had, and I would love to go back and get that tone. 

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