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The Audible Choice
Nova System is the complete, floor-based effects solution for the dedicated guitar player who knows quality when he sees it

The Audible Choice
Nova System is the complete, floor-based effects solution for the dedicated guitar player who knows quality when he sees it. Its unique inclusion of an all-analog programmable distortion/overdrive section under preset and expression control makes it the perfect choice whether you want to trim down your rack setup, step up from your pedal patchwork or simply just want the ultimate combination of operational simplicity and audio superiority.

Add to this an array of effects taken straight from the king of floor-based processors; G-System and you have top-notch compression, EQ, noise gate, modulation, pitch, delay and reverb right at your feet. All you need is a guitar and an amp and you’re good to go – first class.

Genuine, Analog Drive Circuit
What makes Nova System so remarkably different is the NDT™ - Nova Drive Technology - a unique, new drive and distortion circuit that gets you the best of both worlds: World-class analog distortion and overdrive with digital control. This is the real deal – no modeling. While the NDT™ is 100 percent analog and physically separated from the digital effects, its control potmeters are digital. This way you can tweak, store and recall as many drive settings as you want - you can even hook up an expression pedal and control the amount of distortion in real-time. Its wide gain range covers your every need from light breakup to heavy distortion.

Top-notch Effects
Equipped with TC branded quality effects from delays and reverbs to compressor, EQ and modulation, Nova System is the obvious all-in-one solution for any guitarist who wants setup simplicity without sacrificing tonal fidelity. All neatly programmable and storable in 60 user presets. Its 30 factory presets give you a demonstration of just what this unit provides; great sound quality and an immense versatility of effects combinations – all designed to get you started right out of the box. Leggi di più su questo articolo

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