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NordSound, a small finnish company importing and distributing guitars, basses, amps and related accessories.

NordSound is a small company importing and distributing mainly guitars, basses, amps and related accessories. We are situated in 68820 Esse, FINLAND.
Our main brands are; Manne and ManneDesign and Green guitars and basses as well as Paoletti Guitars, Eastwood. We also sell acoustic guitars from Dowina and Mayson. Our amps are Brunetti, Cicognani, Ashdown, Olsson, Taurus, Laboga and Artesound as well as their related cabinets. We are also stocking handmade effects from several manufacturers and a lot of guitar and amp related accessories.

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Address: Kvarnstigen 6, 68820 Esse, FINLAND     Phone: NordSound +358 (0)40 681 0910, private direct +358 (0)50 516 7439
Visiting address: Kvarnstigen 6, 68820 Esse. Our showrooms opening hours: Working days 10.30 – 16.00 and Saturday 12.30 – 17.00, or as agreed.

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